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Skyridge I Aquapolis I Expedition

Expedition Base Set, released in September 2002
Aquapolis, released in January 2003
Skyridge, released on May 12, 2003


These sets are highly sought after. Each card tells a piece of an over-arching story. These cards tell the story of war, migration, and discovery of the Pokémon world.

Notice the South American influence, tropical islands, and Miracle Sphere reminiscent of Pokémon The Movie 2000.


Southern Islands


Southern Islands set, released July 31st 2001. This set's symbol is a palm tree.

The mini-set only contains a total of 18 cards, depicting a variety of Pokémon on a sunny tropical resort. When arranged correctly, every illustration used in this set forms a single larger image.

Tropical Island set. Illustrated by Naoyo Kimura.
Rainbow Island set. Illustrated by Keiko Fukuyama.


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